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I hope I have posted this in the correct section, I was not sure or not to put it in the general message forum section.Well here we go then.I have just upgraded my subs to platinum as I think its well worth the value.And as everyone can see the site is looking very well due to all the hard work Bill and the team have put in.The new look for our site is wonderfull.So lets all help to keep it

wonderfull by showing our appreciation by donating.I really do think this site will go down in history.It is to me now the number 1 site within the fairground industry(and some showmen I know think so too).Thank you again to everyone who works hard to make it such a wonderfull site EG: Admin (Bill) The Mods and all the helpers who help with the problems as well as the members who put the reports and photos up

past and present.And as for what Bill Edwards as done with the rides list

it goes without saying what that means for all us fairground fanatics.Its just pure class.

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Many thanks for your kind comments and financial support - much appreciated!!

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