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Rides List Archive Photos (New Storage Method)

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


The Forum Rides List has always just contained information about the ride and a photo of it and it's transport. There has been no facility to store older photos. A while ago I started to compile historic photos into a hand coded HTML "Archive". This was cumbersome to compile, was off site and didn't offer any browse facility.


More recently I transferred the Archive into an off site Forum using the same software we use for the main forum. This was a lot better than the hand coded HTML pages, but still wasn't ideal.


Following feedback, I re-thought the storage method and am now trying "Version 3" of the Archive, which, I believe, solves previous problems without (I hope!) creating any new ones.


The "Archive" material will now be available on THIS forum on the Rides List. The first post of each rides list entry will contain the same information it does now - Ride Info and a photo of the ride and load (where available). Replies to each rides list topic will have any archive material we have available. However, the photos will be stored off site, in a forum which will not be available to anyone other than myself (and anyone who volunteers to help maintain the archive :)). The material will only be available to members registered here and it won't impact on our forum storage!


Setting this up will require me to copy back the material currently in the archive to the rides list and this will take several days.


Going forward, members are able to reply any rides list entry with additional material:- Historic photos, build up photos, photos of artwork, links to YouTube videos etc. As these are posted, I will edit your post and take the photos off site. They will still be visible, under your post (enabling you to get any "Likes" for the additional material), but will be stored away from site, not impacting on our storage and not visible to anyone not registered.


We welcome any ADDITIONAL material for the rides list, subject to two provisos:

  1. Please ensure that any photos you submit are ADDITIONAL - please don't duplicate the rides list photo unless it shows the ride in either a different guise or state. The archive will lose its effectiveness if it contains multiple photos all essentially showing the same view
  2. Please do not use the rides list to discuss a ride. If you wish to discuss the ride or the material in the archive either PM the poster or create a topic in the appropriate forum and link to the rides list entry. Replies with additional information are welcome - discussions will be deleted.


All the best





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Do you have any stats, Bill, on how many new photos have gone into the archive this year?


I'm just curious. :)

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23 minutes ago, John Carter said:

Do you have any stats, Bill, on how many new photos have gone into the archive this year?


I'm just curious. :)

I'm afraid that I haven't :(


As you know the archive went through several incarnations, the last was a separate, private forum on a private server that I was saving the photos to. Using this method I was able to give stats. However the server the forum was on was unreliable and moving the photos was time consuming and inefficient (to be honest, I was overwhelmed by the response and couldn't keep up!). I ditched this and moved the photos back to forum storage.


The new forum software has a facility to store ALL the forum photos on Amazon and that is where all our photos are now. Amazon has the advantage that it is invisible to members and has unlimited storage. You don't pick a storage plan, but just use what you need. You are billed monthly for what you use. At the moment it is working out far cheaper than the unreliable server I was using and, as I said is unlimited and invisible to members. Seems like an ideal solution.


The downside (minor) is that the "archive" photos are now stored with the general forum photos and I can't give stats. (When I ditched the server a couple of weeks ago, we were approaching 2000 though :) )

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Sounds good. It also explains why "Archived" has gone missing from the posts. :)

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