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Super Chap

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Who is on the forum panel ??

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Roger Peatman

Just hit the "Staff" button at the top of the page

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Bill so you answer on here but won't answer any of the questions in  my pm to you ?

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I haven't received a PM from you. I answer ALL PM's!!


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I've sent 2 of them 

I've resent via the contact us 

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I haven't received a PM from you.


I've just received a message from you via the "Contact us" link - but that ISN'T a PM!

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I will report my own pm to you then 

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I am in the middle of replying to your "Contact Us" which came through by email.

I am not sure what is happening with the PM's. It is a technical problem and I will be reporting to Tech Support. I can see your report and can access the PM through the report, but the PM has NOT appeared in my inbox and I was not notified by email that I had a PM.

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