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Liking Rides List Photos

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


Please be careful when "Liking" Rides List Photos :)


When the Rides were entered onto the forum, they were done by a small number of members. The photos have been added by a great many members. However if you Like the topic, the poster of the topic gets the credit, NOT the supplier of the photo. I'm not saying you shouldn't like the topic, but just be aware of who gets the credit. (If a member adds a new ride, it would be appropriate to like the topic, but not if it's the photo you actually like :) )





This topic was created by me. The photos were supplied by Mike Willis & Waltzerman. If you Like the topic, I get an additional Like. Mike Willis and Waltzerman get no credit for supplying the photos. This is a problem with the way the software works and not something we can easily get round.


Going forward we will leave all photos as replies so that the supplier of the photo can get the credit and not the poster of the topic (providing you like the right post). I will also be adding all the existing photos as replies to achieve the same end but, with thousands rides, this will take some considerable time!


Not a major drama, but it's only fair that you are aware of who you are crediting for submissions.


All the best



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A slight tweak to this procedure will ensure the likes go to the right member. Over time the rides list topic authors will be changed to "Rides List Moderators" who cannot get likes. This will take a little while to achieve, but we have made a start :)


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Thanks Bill- answers my question from earlier!

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