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Changes Of Ownership Of Equipment

Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

Dear All


Can I please remind all members of the forum rules with regard to changes of ownership of equipment.


Forum rules state:-


18) Posts about changes of ownership of equipment must only be made when the information is 100% reliable. The safest option is when the equipment has changed hands to the new owner.


Further more, as YOU will be held responsible for this information, can we suggest that you only post information that you PERSONALLY know to be correct.


It's unfortunate, but when we publish incorrect information, it doesn't so much reflect badly on the poster, but reflects badly on the forum as a whole. If we are to maintain credibility, we MUST ensure that what we post is 100% accurate!


If there is any doubt, your post will be hidden by a Moderator and you will be asked to confirm your source. If the source is dubious or the information turns out to be incorrect, your ability to post may be restricted or prohibited.


Your cooperation is appreciated.


All the best



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