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Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

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Dear All


I have now completed the project to add all the Rides List Photos as replies to the relevant topic attributed to the member who supplied the photo. It has been a mammoth task. I appreciate it has been a pain having all the replies appear as new posts, but on the positive side it's finished now and has given you the chance to see some of the excellent photos that have been submitted to the rides list.


Many, many thanks to all those members who have contributed!!


The main topic should now contain just a photo of the ride, ideally a fully built up, front, daytime shot that is fairly recent. This hasn't always been possible, and where it hasn't been I've used the most appropriate photo. What is most appropriate is obviously subjective, but I hope I've done a reasonable job. If I've missed any or the photo clearly isn't the most appropriate, please use the "Report" button.


There may be some mistakes in the list, and I apologise in advance if there are. If you see any mistakes - if I've attributed the photo to the wrong member, if there is a more appropriate photo for the main post or any other issues, please click the "Report" button, add details of the issue and we will deal.


If you have a photo that shows the ride DIFFERENT/UPDATED, please reply to the relevant topic. As discussed in a previous topic, my thoughts on useful photos would be:


  • Day/Night shot
  • Different decor
  • Build up photos
  • Full flash/minimal flash
  • Load with a different prime mover
  • In action/still
  • Winter or Xmas/Normal theme
  • Anything exceptional/interesting (e.g. built up outside Buckingham Palace, has a celebrity on it - bad examples, but hopefully you get my thinking :) )
  • A historic photo that shows the same decor/state could be interesting showing that a ride hasn't changed in 20 years. This will be difficult to quantify as 20 photos, one from each year showing the same state will defeat the object of the rides list. 


Please don't add photos that show the ride in essentially the same way. Please don't duplicate photos or the rides list will lose it's usefulness and make it difficult to use. We ALWAYS welcome photos, but it would be more appropriate to add them to the Photos Forum unless they add to the rides list topic. We reserve the right to remove photos that don't add to the rides list's usefulness.


In the past we've limited the size of photos - we've now upped that limit to 800x600. If you previously submitted photos and would like to upload them again at a bigger size, please do so!


I have also started to add a tag "noridephoto" to those rides we don't currently have photos for. If you click on the tag at the top of this topic, you will be taken to a list of rides we need photos for. If you are able to assist it would be greatly appreciated.


Again, many thanks for your patience and many, many thanks to those who have made the rides list the fantastic resource it is - without YOUR input it wouldn't be possible!!


All the best





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Paul McHaddan

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Many thanks to you Bill for your time & patients doing this massive task ;)

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