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Here's an idea for the forum.

How about having a poll for best member of the year.(or call it something like that)

They are so many members on here that are so dedicated to their hobbie.

so many members contribute a lot of time and effort into making these forums so enjoyable for all of us

I am sure whoever won the poll would be a very proud person indeed.

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i post pictures for other members to see end of the day were a forum

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Bill Edwards

I am strongly against the idea for the reasons given above.

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Shaun Martin

Sorry not in favour of a best member award, I have to agree with Simons reply above,  and show your apprecation of members input via the use of the Like Button

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Paul McHaddan

All i want is a like/thanks & it makes it all worth while for me weather it a report, spotted, photos, ride changes any information etc ;)

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