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Dear All


We are regularly asked for a list of Juveniles in much the same way that we list Adult Rides. This has always been dismissed as impractical - many juveniles are similar, ownership is often difficult to establish, they change hands regularly, often within a family etc.


We did try to create a database a little while ago, but it wasn't successful - space restraints meant it was off site, required a separate login and was difficult to manage. Consequently support was poor (apart from a handful of members who whole heartedly embraced it) and it was eventually withdrawn.


Thinking about this again recently, the panel considered an idea to create a list of juveniles. This list  is NOT intended to be a 'database' of Juveniles. It is NOT intended to be a definitive guide to Juveniles.  It is intended to be a list of the different types of juveniles travelling with photo examples of each. As it isn't a 'database' or a definitive list there is no pressure to complete it. Any member is free to contribute and how useful it becomes will be down to the members. 


The format will be a Juveniles forum at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum/514-juveniles/. Each topic will be a Juvenile type with members replying to an existing topic if it exists or creating the topic if it doesn't.


I have given brief instructions at 

All the best



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