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Transport List

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


We recently overhauled the forum Rides List and thanks to the efforts of our members we now have a useful resource we can be proud of.


Unfortunately whilst concentrating on the Rides List the Transport List has been sadly neglected. We would now like to put some effort into the Transport List and bring it up to the standard of the Rides List.


How can you help? Things are now slowing down a little with the bulk of the season over. Please consider looking through the photos you've taken, look at the transport and do a quick search of the site for the registration number. If the entry is missing, please add what details you have. If the entry is there but has no photo please add yours. If your photo shows the transport in a different livery or state, please add your photo.


I appreciate that not everyone is into the transport side of things, but any help would be much appreciated. 


Many thanks



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