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Strange Issue With Topic/Rating?


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If you look at the current Ilkeston Fair Report, it says:


..but I haven't clicked "like" on this post - I have only just looked at it!


(I intend to "like" it, but wanted to bring this issue to the attention of the mods / Bill before I click "like")

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That is strange because it appears to be nothing to do with the like system. It is actually part of the post as if @Kevin Holt has copied something into the post from somewhere.


Perhaps Kevin can assist with how/what he did, if anything??

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I've just had a look, and since Kevin also did the report for last years event, could it maybe be that he has copied and pasted the whole page and just made the necessary changes? :)



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I've just tried to copy/paste that report and I get a different result, but it is going to be something like that. It isn't a problem with the like system.

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