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Content Rating Will Revert To "Like / Thanks"

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


Just over a month ago we introduced a new system to replace the "Like / Thanks" button - Content Rating. It was supposed to give us greater flexibility with more options other than a simple "Like / Thanks". With the system running for about 6 weeks, the forum panel have been reviewing the usefulness of Content Rating and looking at the feedback we've received and the problems that have arisen.


The panel feels that taking everything into account the old "Like / Thanks" system was a better system with the disadvantages of Content Rating outweighing the advantages.


Consequently we will be reverting to the "Like / Thanks" system. The change will take place shortly - the new cartoon style icons will disappear and be replaced with the original "Like / Thanks" button.


The new icons have been updating your total like score, and this will remain as we revert. You will not have lost any score.


I appreciate your patience in this matter, with hindsight - a wonderful thing - this would have been better left alone. I still see merit in the Content Rating system and I appreciate all you've done to make it work, but the problems we've encountered mean the system isn't as useful as it should have been.


Many thanks to all those who took the time to feedback.


All the best



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