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Bill Edwards

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Dear All


There is a vast amount of excellent information on this web site kindly supplied by our members - thank you!


There is also an almost unlimited amount of information on the Internet and in an effort to assist members in finding it, we've always maintained a Links Directory. Initially this was a hand coded links page. Using Version 3 of the forum software we used a dedicated links plugin. However this plugin wasn't available under Version 4 of the software (the version we are currently using). When we upgraded I cobbled something together for our links, but it wasn't the prettiest and functionality was low.


I have now sourced, installed and populated a new plugin - Links Directory. The advantages are:

  • Dedicated Plugin
  • Automatically creates a 'thumbnail' of the site
  • Customisable
  • Has index page integration (currently Hot Links)
  • Displays new links & random links
  • More user friendly
  • Ability to rate links
  • Ability to add location to map displayed within link
  • Ability to review links


The disadvantage was that it required all the links to be re-entered, however I have now done this.


The Links Directory is available from the top menu bar under "Browse", or direct at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/links/


Although all the links are in and working, there is still some work to be done to bring it up to the standard of the rest of the site, and I would like to ask for your help :)


What can you do?


  • If you know of a link that isn't currently listed, please add it
  • If you find a link broken, please click "Report this link" and the Moderator team will deal
  • If you can assist with a description of the site, it's content etc, please add a comment on the relevant link and the Moderator team will update the description
  • If you can suggest additional categories or changes to the current categories, please let me know


Like every part of this site, the Links Directory is a useful resource as it currently stands, but with your input could be greatly improved. Any help gratefully received :)


All the best





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4 hours ago, Bill Edwards said:

... The Links Directory is available from the top menu bar under "Browse" ...


Not at the moment. In fact, there are no options at all under "Browse".


Or I'm going blind! :)

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5 minutes ago, John Carter said:

Not at the moment. In fact, there are no options at all under "Browse".


Or I'm going blind! :)

Apologies, now fixed

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As a longer term project, I am going to be adding a description to each link. I've started to copy & paste the "About us" parts of web sites into our description. I've done a few, for example the three trade organisations at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/links/category/9-trade-associations/. I've also done a few random others. It is a slow process and will, out of necessity, be a long term process. 


I would also like to encourage our members to add descriptions when they add links and if possible, you could copy/paste or add descriptions to existing links in the comments section which would make it easier and quicker for me to update.





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