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Rides List Photos Again

Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

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Dear All


We have a superb resource with our Forum Topic based Rides List - Over 3500 are listed with details and the majority have photos attached. YOU, our members have been extremely diligent in ensuring the list is as comprehensive as we can make it - THANK YOU!


Historically the Rides List Topic ONLY had the most recent, up-to-date photo displayed in it. As a newer photo became available it replaced the older photo which was lost from the forum for good. Recently we changed this policy and allowed the 'older' photo to stay on as a reply. We also actively encouraged historic photos to be added and again this has been hugely successful due to the enthusiasm of our members - THANK YOU!


However, we are seeing more and more photos being added to the Rides List Topic's where the only 'change' is to the Location or Date - some Rides are becoming clogged up with photos all essentially showing the same view and this will only get worse as time goes on.


In an effort to ensure that photos on Rides List Topics show something unique, all Rides List Topic replies will need to be approved by a Moderator before they are available to our members. If your photo shows the ride significantly different or your photo is a vast improvement over the one we have, your reply will be approved and the photo put onto the top topic post. If it shows the same thing it will be deleted.


I hope that you will support this policy - we want to ensure that all our Rides List photos are unique and useful rather than pages of duplicate photos.


PLEASE NOTE - This does NOT mean we don't want to see your photos - WE DO! But please consider where you are posting them - perhaps a topic in the Photo Forum would be more appropriate? 


The following guide was previously posted:


If you have a photo that shows the ride DIFFERENT/UPDATED, please reply to the relevant topic. As discussed in a previous topic, my thoughts on useful photos would be:


  • Day/Night shot
  • Different decor
  • Build up photos
  • Full flash/minimal flash
  • Load with a different prime mover
  • In action/still
  • Winter or Xmas/Normal theme
  • Anything exceptional/interesting (e.g. built up outside Buckingham Palace, has a celebrity on it - bad examples, but hopefully you get my thinking :) )
  • A historic photo that shows the same decor/state could be interesting showing that a ride hasn't changed in 20 years. This will be difficult to quantify as 20 photos, one from each year showing the same state will defeat the object of the rides list. 


Again, many thanks for your support in this matter.


All the best



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