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Dear All


We have a superb detailed resource in the Forum Transport List and I am extremely grateful to all those who have contributed to it's success - THANK YOU.


However, for a number of reasons, the Transport List is currently a little messy with differing formats. I intend to invest some time and effort bringing the list up to the high standard of the Rides List. This will involve adding all the current photos as replies.


The upside of this work will mean that members who supply the photo's will get the deserved credit and the format will be consistent across the Transport list and will be consistent with the Rides list.


The downside is that adding the photos as replies will mean they show up to those members who check the forum using the "View New Content" button. I appreciate that this is a minor inconvenience, but is the only way we can bring the list up to the standard of the Rides list.


To lessen the inconvenience, the replies will only be added in small batches thereby lessening their impact . This will obviously mean this is a long term project. Unless you would prefer we blitz this - more impact, but over quicker?


In any event, it maybe useful to consider how I use the "View New Content" facility? I click "View New Content" and then right click any topic that I am interested in, I then open it in a new tab. When I have all the topics I'm interested in open in new tabs, I click the "Mark Site Read" button - I have my topics to read and the rest are read. Works for me :)


Again, I thank everyone for their continued support.


All the best






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