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Photos? Please Read If You Submit

Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

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Dear All


I believe that your photo submissions are the life blood of this forum and I am extremely grateful to all those who take the time and effort to submit photo topics and photos for the Rides & Transport lists - THANK YOU.


We've recently began work on revamping the Transport list and I've noticed that whilst the vast majority of the photos we have are captioned, a small number are not. I would suggest that the location and date the photo was taken are desirable - particularly from a 'Moderator' point of view as it allows us to add your most recent photo to the first, detailed post.


In the past we deleted older photos to conserve server space - we now have much more server capacity and are building up a very nice collection of historic photos - which again makes the additional of the location and date more desirable.


Captioning of photos in photo topics isn't compulsory, but time and again feedback shows that photo topics with captions are more popular and I would invite members to take the extra time to add captions if they can. If you do caption photo topics, it also helps other members if we all caption in the same place - under the photo. Again, not compulsory, but desirable. 


It may seem to be unnecessary to caption photos from Theme/Amusement Parks, but now we have historic photos it is more important. It may seem obvious that a ride in a theme park was photographed there - but please consider 5 years down the road when it has moved out of the park and is travelling.


Please don't take any of the above as a criticism of those who take the time to submit photos - it isn't! They are my own personal views, what I like to see and what I aim for when submitting photos.


I thank you all for your support!


All the best



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Eddie Kelly

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Fully agree Bill


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