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Clubs - New Forum Feature

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


As previously announced a feature of the new software is Clubs. I would like to use Clubs as a replacement for some of our lesser used, non-core business forums and the first that comes to mind is Circus.


I would also like to see Clubs used by YOU, our members to cater for subjects that don't justify having their own forum. I am open to suggestions as to what will be suitable for a Club (off the top of my head, perhaps 1/48th models, a particular Showman etc). I don't envisage these clubs taking over from forums but supplementing them.


Clubs have to be created by an Administrator, but members can and will be made "Club Leaders" to run their own club as they see fit (within general forum rules).


The way it will work is this:

You suggest a club that you are prepared to run/moderate, either to me or a Forum Panel member. The forum panel will consider if there is sufficient interest to make it work (it doesn't have to be of general interest, but must be capable of attracting some members). If the Panel approve the club, I will set it up and make you the "Leader".


Please take a look at a Test Club I've set up at 


It can also be accessed from the "Clubs" menu on the menu bar.


Each Club can be have one, two or multiple additional forums which can be set up by the Leader.


If you want to start a club, please either let me know here, by PM or to any Forum Panel Member.


All the best



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