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Posting Photo Topics - NEW POLICY

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


To ensure that our hosting and storage bills remain manageable and that our photo albums appeal to the greatest number of members we recently ran a poll to see what YOU, our members wanted. The majority vote was for photos in topics to be limited by both quantity, quality and type/composition of the photos. The minority vote was for full, uncensored photo sets. With the move back from Gallery Albums to forum based Photo Topics we are able to accomodate BOTH!


In each forum where photos can be posted, there will be two forums:


  1. Compact Photo Topics - Photos here will mainly be rides, equipment, stalls, juveniles, lorries etc. These photos will be taken properly framed, square on with no special effects other than normal editing. They should be in focus, adequately lit, without duplication and captioned. "Extra" photos should be kept to a minimum (we don't intend to count the photos and work out percentages, but it has been suggested that "Extra" photos make up no more than 10% of your post). These topics will be archived after three months and stored on site for as long as we are able.
  2. Full Photo Topics - All and any photos that you wish to post, including extras and any photo set that isn't captioned. These photo sets will be available for three months before deletion.


"Extra" photos  are defined as:  Any photo which doesn't fit the above description (under Compact Photo Topics) including:

  • Close ups of art, lighting, signs, swag etc.
  • Any photo with special effects - black & white, filters etc.
  • Any photo taken at an angle or doesn't show the subject as described above.
  • Duplicate photos - photos showing essentially the same thing.
  • Photos in which the main subject isn't fairground equipment for example photos where riders/punters are the subject.


No photo set will be deleted when posted, if it is posted in the wrong forum, then a Moderator will move it to the correct one and inform you.


Due to technical issues with forum topics with large numbers of photos displayed you MUST NOT make any post with more than 75 photos. To do so could cause the forum to slow and/or crash. Th software is set to limit the number of attachments per post to 75.  If you wish to display more than 75 photos, please split them across multiple posts.


Many thanks for your support.


All the best



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Bill Edwards

I have updated the above policy to take into account the move back to forum based photo topics - please see 

I am hoping that now we can accommodate ALL photo topics on site the policy will be more agreeable to a greater number of member.







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