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New Feature - Trial - Feedback Appreciated

Bill Edwards

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I am trialing a new plugin for the forum which I believe will be useful. A bit difficult to put into words, but you can click a button within a forum and the alphabet will appear, along with the # sign. By clicking on a letter you will get a list of all the topics starting with that letter. Probably not that useful in general forums, but in the Rides and Transport lists can be used to narrow down the list.


Suppose you want to find the Rides List entry for Brian Print's Waltzer - from the Forum Index click the Waltzer forum. Top right is a button "Topic List"



Click and the alphabet appears



Click "P" and the list appears.


To get back to the full list click "Back to Forum"



I also think it will be useful in the Transport Lists - checking all registrations starting with, say "G".


Photo Archives if looking for a specific location?


Archived funfair reports if looking for a location?


Let me know if you think it's worth keeping.


All the best



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Roger Peatman

An excellent add on for the Forum - this will save members a lot of time when looking for specifics.

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Brilliant idea especially when there is pages to wade through sometimes.10/10

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I seen a lot of time check into stuff in there's listings this will spend things up nicely 

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Looks good,will save a lot of time

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A very good idea Bill  ;)

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Paul McHaddan

Sounds an exellent idea Bill ;)

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  • 1 month later...

Makes searching a lot easier

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