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Posting Photos On The Forum

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


Some time ago we split each forum that holds photos into two separate forums:-

  • Compact Photo Topics - To contain photo sets with captions, without duplication and "arty" type photos
  • Full Photo Topics - Where there was no restriction on the quantity/quality of photos


This was introduced to enable those members who preferred more compact photo sets to easily identify which photos they wished to view.


Following suggestions and discussion by the Forum Panel we are slightly changing this system, to make it simpler for photo posters and for Moderators. From now all photos will go into a single forum. That is, the Photo Forum will be the Photo Forum and not split into two. Posters will need to tag their photo topic to indicate that it is a Full Photo Topic enabling those who prefer the Compact Photo Sets to easily identify them.


If you post photos on the forum, please post them in the relevant photo forum (Photo, Transport, AP etc) AND if it's a full topic please use the tag "Full Photo Topic)


All the best





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