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Bill Edwards

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Dear All


I had to upgrade to the newest version of the forum software recently. There are a few changes "under the hood" that won't affect members and to be honest, I've not had the time to look too closely to see if there is anything that will benefit us.


One change that you may notice fairly quickly is that the emoji's have changed (emoji's are the smiling faces, frowns etc that you can insert into your posts).


If you click the smiley face in the editor toolbar, you will see that rather than the dozen or so you are used to, there are over a thousand. Another change is that typing colon, closed brackets no longer inserts a smiley. In any post type a colon (two dots on top of each other) and then start to type lol and a menu will appear with your familiar smiley. I hope I've explained that well enough - have a play 😊


👻 👮‍♂️ 🖐️ 💤 💥 🐼 🍀 🍽️  🚧 🌛 💰  ✔️ 🚩


All the best



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