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Paul Needham

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I would imagine the vast majority understand and are happy to give you the time, ill leave it to everyone to ponder who if any, don't seem to consider your position at all😉

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Peter van der Knaap

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13 hours ago, Frank Church said:

Bloody hell! That Dutch fella hasn't mentioned money yet.


That would be cross posting. A thing which a good moderator would have to act upon, IMHO.


Some people here are moaning about the fact that this forum is now restricting them. I personally don't see this, but I do see a tendency that people sometimes don't react by giving good arguments. It's "yes" or "no" and that's it. This is a behaviour which IMHO is damaging to the forums atmosphere. If a member is against (or pro) something, state why you want to do something or don't want to have something. That makes way for a good discussion. To simply say "no" (and sometimes with remarks added that can even be considered to be insulting if the reader isn't in a good mood) is counterproductive.


Also: less rules is often better than more rules. Think about it for a moment. If a moderator has only a few rules to follow (such as: make sure the post is in the right place and doesn't contain abusive of plain out false content) it's more easier to moderate. The more lines wasted to make rules, the more work for moderators.

Why can't someone put in pictures hosted on other platforms? Is it important to have this rule or not (now, this is an example of a rule which one might or might not change).


There's also the moderating itself which can be important. When is a moderator acting as moderator and when not? On Themepark.nl this is made clear by the moderator himself who puts a color in the background of his post when he has to moderate the forum. It can be important for the moderator to make that distinction in a discussion, since otherwise people might think: "is he now moderating, or isn't he moderating"...


Another thing which I personally hate, is when a moderator is removing entire posts. Personally, I believe it's better to react on this by stating why you as a team don't want this discussion to continue this way and put the discussion back into it's right tracks. To me, if a moderator removes posts, the discussion drops dead and that's something you should not want to happen. A forum is a place of discussion, isn't it? So also things you don't like as a moderating team should be discussed, for as long as it is contributing to a better forum in the future.


And finally (and this is very important IMHO): accept that it's not always "all the fun of the fair". Things do happen which are not positive for the fair in itself. Some fora tend to go into a "not in my forums" mode when accidents happen of when fans see things they don't like. Don't fall into that trap. Simply make sure that such a topic stays on topic. As long as the topic stays clean of throwing mud, simply let it run. When not, you are running the risk of being put down as a "good news only" site. That should be avoided. Why? Because it does make your forum more credible among the users. When f.e. the accident with the afterburner in the US took place, KMG decided not only to send a letter to the showmen operating this ride, but also put the same letter into the forum of Themepark.nl. Why? Because they decided to give the fans the opportunity to see behind the curtains on how safety is an issue with them. Now, this would never have happened, if the forums would have locked the topic at once, which does happen on other fora. To gain that kind of trust with the industry is what you want, and to get that trust, one should be prepared to say sometimes to the traveling people: "this time, you've messed up a little bit". Now, this sounds strange at first, but you will see that in the end, if the discussions are respectfully done, you will gain more trust among the industry than if you stay silent when things are happening.


It's just how I see things. Use it (or lose it). It's my two penny's...

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To add, News Just In for you 😊


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