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Counties Clarification

Owain Williams

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Owain Williams

Hi, can I have clarification on the use of counties when compiling reports and coming events please? I recently placed a few Welsh events in the coming events section and 2 of the Swansea ones have had West Glamorgan added to the title, I'm pretty sure I didn't add this. West Glamorgan has not existed since 1996 and that's why I left it out. Swansea is in the county of Swansea so it was pointless putting Swansea twice. If you guys had edited the title for some reason, then the titles for Neath and Porthcawl should have been edited to the old West Glamorgan and Mid Glamorgan. I used to put West Glam etc on reports in the past but I'm trying to change to the newer names, but the forum is using a mix of newer counties and counties names from 20+ years ago. This is not a moan. I just want to make sure that I, and all the other posters, are doing the same thing and to keep everything tidy going forward. I know recently a few reports from South Wales have had the old counties on them and I just think it's time we all moved to the present IMO. Thank you :D

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Mike Willis

I noticed that Swansea had no county showing in Coming Events.  A check on Wikipedia showed that it's in the ceremonial County (which are also known as geographical Counties) of West Glamorgan.

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Same in the North East Cleveland was abolished in 1996, for ceremonial purposes anything South of the river Tees I class as North Yorkshire that was part of the old Cleveland boundaries (i.e. Middlesbrough) and anywhere North of the Tees (from the old Cleveland area) I class as County Durham for reporting purposes (i.e Stockton, Hartlepool)


Teesside is not a County and never has been (district), the Tees Valley is also something that is being pushed on us that no one wants (like Durham Tees Valley Airport!)

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EDIT Teesside was done away with in 1974 as a County Borough (before I was born)

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If I may add to this, I've made a few reports on Bristol fairs putting either "Bristol" only or "Bristol, Avon" in the title & place info and it later gets changed to "Bristol, Somerset"...


Even though Bristol is NOT part of Somerset, it is not only a city but also it's own county as well as it's own unitary authority. Which is why I have not originally put it in the info.

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Owain Williams
On 11/05/2018 at 07:47, Mike Willis said:

I noticed that Swansea had no county showing in Coming Events.  A check on Wikipedia showed that it's in the ceremonial County (which are also known as geographical Counties) of West Glamorgan.

Thanks for your reply Mike. The thing is, like I said in original post, if we're going to be using Ceremonial Counties, then all of my coming events entries should have changed not just the Swansea ones. As it stands, the Swansea ones are the old west Glam and the other 4 are the new counties which for me is just untidy. (Neath and Aberavon was West Glam too)


I'm not sure about the English counties, it sounds complicated to me from the above posts, but the old Ceremonial Counties are not spoken of or discussed in any way in any part of society here in Wales. The only time we hear of the old style is when we talk of the emergency services. I've worked for 2 different county councils and anything to do with the old counties is destroyed and not used/spoken of. I live in Neath which is in the County of Neath Port Talbot, and a mile down the road to me is the sign for the County of Swansea.


So when I do reports/coming events, the options I can see here are:

I carry on with the new counties

I carry on with the new counties and you guys can change it to what you like (But they ALL need to be changed to be consistent)

I go back to the ceremonial counties which would be bizarre! - Not really prepared to do this option tbh

I don't put a county on as it's too messy and complicated and no-one can decide either way anyway!


Whatever you guys decide, I think it will need to be consistent and accurate accross the board if we are to have a nice, clean, consistent forum going forward :D


Thank you



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Bill Edwards

When I spent some time compiling the Coming Events I found the whole subject of Counties to be a nightmare. I tried my best to be correct, but I often failed. Google would often have a couple of different "right" answers. It got to the stage that I issues a warning with my coming events to the effect that as long as everyone knew where we were talking about then it didn't matter if we used ceremonial, administrative, historic etc counties.


Unless something is blatantly wrong (e.g. Nottingham is listed in Kent), can't we just leave it up to the poster, who with his local knowledge will probably be better placed to decide?

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Paul McHaddan

I use local knowledge as like


Whitley bay = North Tyneside but sometimes it got changed to Northumberland & it is in North Tyneside...

Ryton = Tyne & Wear but got changed to Co Durham & its in Tyne & Wear..


So i think best kept to the reporter who posts as they know that area reported on..

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