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Posting By Guests In Certain Forums

harry m

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Posting By Guests


The Team have been discussing posting in the forum by Guests. Up till now there has been no Guest posting at all, ALL posts had to be made by registered, logged in members.


We have slightly altered the permissions on three Forums to allow Guest posting as we believe it will be advantageous to the forum, the services we provide and also to our members. This will be run for a trial period of 3 months. ( end of October as of posting this)


Advert Forum - Guests can now post For Sale/Wanted adverts

Coming Events - Guests can now share details of Coming Events that they know about

Forum Help / Administration Forum - Non members can ask questions about joining etc before registering. Members who wish to ask for help anonymously can log out and ask. Members who wish to offer feedback and/or suggestions anonymously can log out and post


Guest posting can only be used for the purposes described above. To make a normal post, members MUST log in and non members MUST register.



  • ALL Guest posts will be subject to "Moderation Queue" - that is they will NOT appear instantly as they would if you were logged in. ALL Guest posts will have to be approved by a Moderator before they appear
  • The Team reserve the right to decline any post that doesn't follow the allowed purposes or is unsuitable in any other way
  • If there is a serious misuse of the facility we will take steps to identify the culprit and take further action


We will review the usefulness of the facility in three months.

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