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Photo Issue

Shaun Martin

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Shaun Martin

I have just edited my Hull topic from yesterday, and removed duplicate images.

Why does the software seem to upload all your images when you choose files, even if you do not attach them to the post?

I notice this because  i had managed to upload duplicate images - but if you don't remove them they are attached to the post?

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Hi Shaun


After a bit of testing myself, and advice from other members of The Team,

it appears its always been like that.


You HAVE to delete any 'unwanted' pictures from the Image upload area ( below the main editing box) or they will be shown at the end of the pictures you chose to be on view.


I would suggest the easiest work around would be to prep all your picture into a folder before making your post, then click and drag all of the pictures in that folder into the Image upload area., or click and drag the pictures over one at a time, allowing yourself to add text between the pictures.

Not ideal I know, but it does work.

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