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Forum Panel - New Members Needed

The Team

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Dear All


We altered the make up of the Forum Panel some time ago, making it the Forum Team consisting of Moderators & Administrators. Practical considerations have meant that we have revisited this topic and we are now looking to supplement the Mod/Admin Team with "Panel Members" (without Moderator & Administrator responsibilities)


"Panel Members" will be obliged to

  • Offer suggestions for changes/improvements to the forum
  • Comment and vote on other members suggestions
  • Contribute to discussions on forum rules and members who contravene rules
  • Act as liaison between members and the Panel
  • Keep an eye on the Panel Forum
  • Keep ALL discussions/votes strictly confidential

Although there is no formal minimum commitment, we do try and resolve matters within 48 hours, so unless you are a fairly regular visitor, it's unlikely you will be able to contribute sufficiently to make it work. No technical knowledge is necessary, although some enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved and say your piece are necessary. Although you will be shown on the forum as a Panel Member, we NEVER reveal details from discussions or votes - all announcements are made from "The Panel"


Initially you would assist the Panel for three months, although those who show commitment and enthusiasm will be invited to stay longer. The existing Team reserve the right to terminate any panel member without notice if it's felt that you aren't contributing sufficiently.


Applications are invited from new or previous members. A poll/vote will determine the members we take initially with those unsuccessful being held in reserve for future vacancies.


This is your opportunity to have a much more in depth say on what you want from the forum and where you would like it to go in the future.


Many thanks for reading


The Team

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