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24 Hour Free Trial for Member Class

The Team

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In an effort to encourage members to contribute to our considerable hosting and storage costs. some time ago we restricted access to the Rides List to those members who financially contributed. We are also aware that a large number of members have never seen the Rides List. won't know how good it is or what it offers and may be reluctant to contribute without a free trial.


Consequently we have arranged for FREE access to all members for a 24 hour "taster" period. Access to the Rides List will  be unrestricted between Midnight, New Years Eve till Midnight on News Years day.


If you wish to subscribe after your free trial, you can do so by clicking the link below



Any problems with subscribing, you can leave a message below for us as well.



The Team

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Paul McHaddan

What a great idea...But with it being the new year a lot of members might be away celebrating the new year with family so a lot might miss the opportunity...


Can i suggest this gets repeated say the following weekend for 24 hours?


Best wishes to the team for 2020 all the best...

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