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Oxford Showtime For Sale


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For sale i have a large amount of surplus models, all brand new but buyers to collect, in Weymouth,Dorset.


1/ Whiteleggs box trailer x9 £8.50 each

2/ Harris Matador x3 £8.00 each

3/ Silcock Pioneer x3 £10.00 each

4/ Whitelegg Pioneer x3 £10.00

5/ Thurston Diamond T x1 £11.00

6/ Thurston flat bed trailer x2 £10.00 each

7/ A & R Scammell showtrac, blue, x4 £9.00 each

8/ A & R Scammell showtrac, red, x2 £9.00 each

9/ Whitelegg Showtrac x2 £9.00 each

10/ Hibble & Mellors Showtrac x1 £9.00

11/ Betram Mills box trailer x1 £8.50

12/ Arnold Bros Scammell & box trailer x1 £15.00

13/Harris box lorry (Ford) x1 £10.00

14/ A & R Showtrac and box trailer x1 £15.00

15/ ERF KV artic in plain red, ideal code 3 x1 £11.00

16/ Traylen Pioneer x1 £10.00

17/ Chipperfields Circus booking office, this has been opened to put the certificate inside the box, x1 £6.00   

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  • 5 months later...

Just a few left, if interested please feel free to get in touch, callers only I’m afraid.

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  • 3 weeks later...

All sold, many thanks

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