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Please check the Help / Announcements Forum regularly for YOUR input on new rules, suggestions, news, where you, The Members can give us input especially while we are going through change to make your experience of the site better!


  1. Adverts

    1. Funfair/Circus Adverts

      FREE TO POST FOR FORUM MEMBERS - Please post all your Funfair and Circus Adverts Here!! Also for links to Funfair/Circus eBay Auctions. Please ensure the title of your post includes: For Sale/Wanted/eBay and what you are selling, asking for or linking to!

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  2. Help / Administration

    1. 224 topics
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  3. All The Fun Of The Fair

    1. General Message Forum

      Please use this forum for all your general UK travelling funfair related messages. 


      Now contains "Showland In The News" and Personal Announcements/Contact Requests

      2,198 topics
      13,945 posts
    2. Fairground Art

      For all aspects of fairground art, traditional or airbrush, examples or discussion.

      67 topics
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    3. Fairground Transport & Living Vans

      Any fairground transport topic and Funfair living vans, trailers, caravans - whatever you call them, this is the place to post!

      3,845 topics
      8,783 posts
      • Andy H
    4. Ride/Show/Attraction Changes - New Attractions/Rides

      Details of rides that have been brought or sold. Details of New UK Travelling rides - with pictures where available.


      Now includes Rides List Admin posts.

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    5. 3,429 topics
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      • Paul Ward
    6. Fairground Modelling

      Please use this forum for all aspects of funfair modelling - pictures of your own models are particularly welcome!

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    7. Current Funfair Reports

      Any funfair reports can be posted here (providing you are reporting from personal knowledge!).

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    8. Non UK Funfairs

      Non-UK Funfair posts please. Normal forum rules apply!!

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    9. Theme / Amusement Parks

      For all Theme Park / Amusement Park posts. Normal Forum Rules apply!

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    10. Projects Section and Vintage Funfair

      For topics on refurbishment, improvement, rebuild etc to fairground equipment


      Vintage equipment, old rides, history, memories etc - nothing modern please!



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  4. Photographs

    1. Photo & Video Requests

      Looking for a funfair photo or video? Please post your request in this forum. Make the subject as accurate as you can.

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    2. Video Links

      Please post your links to funfair videos ONLY in this forum!

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    3. ID Sought

      Please use this forum for all you "Who owns this?" type enquiries

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      • Paul Needham
  5. Off Topic

    1. Off Topic (Including Circus)

      You can talk about anything in here. This is a Non fairground chat forum.

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      • Gary Witcomb
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